Rarangatira Live with Teanau Tuiono

This week we kōrero with Teanau Tuiono.

Teanau has experience managing, facilitating and working on projects both big and small at the national, regional and international levels. Prior to working for CORE Education, he was based in Europe where he worked with the UN focusing on Indigenous Peoples issues.

Previous to this, he worked with NGOs that supported the aspirations of Indigenous Peoples in the global context around different UN processes. Teanau has worked with two Ministries of Education (New Zealand and the Solomon Islands), both times supporting curriculum and resource development in Indigenous languages. Nationally, Teanau has also worked as the Māori and Pasifika education online editor for Te Kete Ipurangi organising content and working on associated projects that support Māori and Pasifika educational achievement

**Rarangatira Live is hosted by He Waka Eke Noa, and The Southern and Western Initiatives. Each week in May we interview industry and political leaders in Aotearoa and globally around supplier diversity and how the indigenous business sector can transform the economy.

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